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Famous for its’ rich history and culture, endless sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular islands, Greece is located in Southeast Europe, on the coast of warm Mediterranean and Ionian Sea. It is member of EU and Eurozone, with population of 10.7 million people, and Athens as a bustling capital. Having 39 airports, of which 15 being international, Greece has excellent connection with all major cities in Europe but also with the rest of the world. Having the longest coastline in Europe, tourism and shipping are industries that contribute the most to the Greek economy.

Greece consists of 13 regions, of which nine on them are located in mainland and the remaining four are island groups. All thirteen regions are further subdivided in 74 units and 325 municipalities, all of them being autonomous units and with greater powers over local administration and regional matters.

Greece has a key geostrategic location between three continents and it is recognized as a global hub for trade, transport and energy distribution between Europe, Asia and Africa. Combined with an excellent climate and distinguished landscape, the country has been for many years a popular global tourism destination.

Greece has become a top country for all types of investors

A new investment landscape is in place, with improved practices and reforms. After many years of economic uncertainty, Greek economy since 2008 is now back again to normal levels and with great prospects ahead. However some challenges still remain, with the current center-right government be committed to tackle all of them and achieve the new economic miracle.

Greece’s economic prospects remain strong and very positive. Investments are rising and unemployment is dropping. The economic growth of 2019 has reached the 2% mark, growing positive for the third year in a row. Expanding and looking overseas, exports and foreign markets are top on the list for Greek businesses. However the challenges of high taxation and bureaucracy remain still; while risks from a slowing global trade environment and an uncertain geopolitical climate making the efforts more difficult. Greek Economy that shrunk by 25% after 2008 is now well back on track.

Investments are on the up in Greece. For three consecutive years, foreign direct investments (FDIs) have risen, surpassing the levels recorded before the country’s fiscal crisis. The trend is expected to continue. Tourism, infrastructure, and energy are drawing most of the attention, but investors are also taking a look at other areas such as technology, food and healthcare. Yet there is a lot of ground to cover. Greece needs €100 billion worth of investment over the medium-term to return the economy to its pre-crisis levels.

Greek Real Estate Outlook is Positive. Prices in residential housing are rising, while big investors and foreign buyers are looking around for prime assets and opportunities. However major challenges remain as low disposable income levels are holding back constraint demand, while taxes remain high, and bank lending very low.

After a strong fall of the market during the crisis years 2008 to 2017; prices in housing have plummeted by 42%. During the years 2017 and 2018 some estimates of about 270,000 Greeks rejected property inheritances, due to their inability to pay the relevant taxes. High taxes and poor market conditions created big problems for many homeowners in Greece.

Things have changed in 2018 and Greece’s economy began to grow again. As the country was coming out from its bailout programs after many years, and leaving behind all uncertain economic environment Greece economy was on a positive outlook. With a traditional strong tourism sector that parallel was boosting rental market and the country’s Investment Golden Visa Program the country has attracted and achieved big Foreign Direct Investment.

And it appears investors continue seizing the opportunities, since the net capital inflows from foreign investors into domestic real estate has increased by 55% in the first 9 months of 2019, versus the same period in 2018.

Doing Business in Greece is nowadays more easy, since late changes were late have made a real difference. Long procedures have been reduced or eliminated while more things can be accessed online. While investment incentives are kicking in and major reforms are underway; the friendly way for setting up a company; the fast-track licensing and the Golden Visa Greek Residency (for non-Europeans) are making Greece more attractive to foreign investors.

Greece Golden Visa

A European Residency Program (To Non EU Nationals)

The Greek Residency Program was introduced in 2013 by Greek government and enables non-EU citizens and their families to obtain a permanent residency in Greece, by investing in property, of minimum value 250,000 Euros.


When residing in European countries, investors enjoy full benefits such as:

  • Living in EU country with the family, including parents and in-laws,
  • Access to secure social, healthcare, schooling, and economic system of the EU,
  • Visa-free travel to all countries within the Schengen zone (up to 90 days in each 6 months period),
  • Possibility to invest and do business in Greece,
  • The right to apply for Greek (EU) citizenship after living 7 years in Greece,
  • Possibility for joint ownership (up to 2 owners),
  • Allowed multiple ownerships (more than one property),
  • No minimum stay requirement in Greece.

Obtain Greek Residency Permit

There are only 3 steps needed to complete to obtain Greek Residency Permit:

Step 1

Obtain entry visa to Greece and travel to find the right property.

Step 2

Purchasing the property and signing the sales agreement.

Step 3

Completing and submitting documents to the Immigration Office.

With low investment costs, straightforward procedure, and completion time of just 3 months (or less), this residency program is one of the most attractive and affordable in the EU. The residency permit is granted for 5 years and must be renewed if property is retained. With no minimum stay requirement in Greece, the family can live in their home country and use the residency permit to claim benefits, whenever is needed, within the Schengen zone.

With it’s natural beauties, mild Mediterranean climate, rich gastronomy tradition, numerous cultural and sport events, modern shopping malls, private schools and universities, purchased

Application Documents Required

  1. Valid copy of the passport,
  2. 2 recent color photographs,
  3. Copy of the final sales contract of the property or properties, with a minimum value of 250,000 Eur.,
  4. Transfer Certificate (of title deed) from the Land Registry,
  5. Residence Permit Application – 2,000 EUR per adult person
  6. For the Applicant’s family members (spouse, children) – additional recent certificate of marital status, translated and stamped with apostil.

In this process, real estate agent or the lawyer can assist you and act on your behalf. Traveling to Greece is only required once when appointing agent/lawyer with your signature. All other steps of the process can be done remotely from your home and mobile device. When process is completed, permanent residency permit can be collected in person in Greece, or your agent can send it to you at your home.

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